Crafts and SMEs act as an important buffer in economic downturns and are much more reluctant to dismiss employees in difficult times. Crafts also play a central role in providing VET on the job, both highly relevant for the transition from education to employment and to ensure a qualified workforce. At the same time, a lack of innovative schemes to valorise the know-how and experience of senior craft persons has been identified in South and Mediterranean countries, together with the need to foster professionalism of younger generations, to ensure that valuable skills are not left to disappear. The last two decades some traditional crafts have declined due to mass production and rising consumerism, leading to a devaluing of craft as a practice and reduced sharing of traditional crafting skills. Others have evolved, embracing the digital age, particularly in marketing their products and engaging with new clients, collaborators and audiences. Based on this previous diagnosis carried out by the project partners, there is a clear need to: transfer the know-how of the older generations of craft practitioners to a new generation of craft learners, on one hand, and improve the use of digital technologies in the sector, what requires to improve the digital competences of both practitioners and learners, on the other.


The aim of RENEVAL project is to design new training pathways in craft sectors based on intergenerational learning, putting in contact craft professionals with low-qualified young adults in order to offer, to both of them, new opportunities for the up-skilling and validation of competencies, supported by accessible and easy to use digital tools, including gamebased learning apps and multimedia tools, like video tutorials and video case studie. The project wapply European frameworks like EQF, ECVET, EQAVET, Europass and EPALE, to promote and boost transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications.


Target users of RENOUVAL are adult educators. Thay can develop their competences and count with innovative tools to support adult learners through Intergenerational Learning and validation of skills in craft sectors through digital technologies. Target beneficiaries are low qualified young adults and adult craft professionals. They can discover new and motivating ways to learn, tailored to their needs, and to acquire skills for jobs in the craft sectors, developing, at the same time, employability skills for their social and labour inclusion. On the other hand, the adult craft professionals have the opportunity to improve their digital skills by learning to use and apply digital tools to support young adults in their learning pathways.